May 15 2012

Tasting notes by Julia Nourney, international spirits judge

Tasting notes by Julia Nourney, Germany,  international spirits judge

Belgrove White Rye 40% abv

Nose-   Grainey, dried fruit, spicey—very typical

Taste-   Peppery, slightly smokey (surprisingly)Dried mango,
dried berries, dough, creamy mouthfeel
Molasses in the aftertaste

Great taste! Stunning!

Could expect an even better taste with a bit of wood

Barrel aged Rye, 8 months 50 litre barrel 57% abv

Nose-  ripe apple, toffee, crème brulee, bitter orange peel

Taste-   Bitter grapefruit, nougat, creamy, toffee, hazelnut,
dried plum, slightly spicey

With water it develops more creamy, nutty, nougat, more spicey, lots of dried fruit

Recommendation: Transfer for the last ageing period to a more or less neutral cask. For ageing and oxidation.