Rye Cocktails

These two cocktail recipes are by a member of the New York Bar Tenders Guild

Tasmanian Julep
60 ml. Belgrove White Rye
15 ml. Demerara or simple syrup (1:1 sugar:water)
4-5 mint stalks

Put syrup, rye, and 8-10 mint leaves into a rocks or julep glass. Muddle gently, just to release the oils. Fill with crushed ice, mounded over top of glass. Insert 2 mint stalks into ice. Insert drinking straw into ice next to mint. (Make sure drinking straw is cut so that your nose is immersed in the mint while drinking.)

Belgrove Sour
60 ml. Belgrove White Rye
22.5 ml. fresh lemon juice
22.5 ml. Demerara or simple syrup (Demerara is better)
1 egg white

Put all ingredients into a cocktail shaker without ice and shake for 30 seconds to emulsify. (This is called a dry shake.) Fill shaker with ice and shake. Strain into a chilled coupe or cocktail glass.

Jonathan M. Forester


These comments are from a “mixologist” at the Henry Jones Art Hotel Tasmania

I’ve had a small chance to have a bit of a play with your
fantastic spirit, but what it created was fantastic.

I used it in two absolute classics cocktails, the
“Manhattan”, and the “Old Fashioned”.

The Manhattan is a classic American cocktail created at
the turn of the Prohibition, using bourbon whiskey (preferably a Rye Bourbon
whiskey), sweet red vermouth, a couple dashes of bitters, stirred over ice and
strained into a glass, garnished with a slice of orange rind and a marachinno

Never having used a full Rye whiskey before, it was a
fantastic twist on the classic, one of which I could probably prefer more than
the classic.

Secondly the Old fashioned (My Favourite). I found that
with a couple tastings that cinnamon reacts really well with the Rye, so on
that discovery, the old fashioned is made with a generous double nip of Rye
Whiskey, cinnamon sugar syrup, a couple dashes of bitters, stirred continuously
over ice and garnished with a burnt orange rind.

This was my particular favourite, and in excitement I
handed it around the bar to a couple customers for their opinion, and to their
delight, it was their favourite too.

I would love to take this product on board and put it on
the cocktail list, its has great potential to create some fantastic drinks – as
well as appreciated on the rocks, or preferably neat.

If you could send me a conformation email that you have
received this email, next weekend I will get one of my staff members filming me
making both of the drinks and I will send you a copy.

Thank you again peter for allowing me the opportunity to
taste your whiskey, its a fantastic product, and I wish a world of abundance
for its growth.

Kindest Regards,

Jake Snepvangers

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